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Tea Bag Packing Machine

Tea Bag Packing Machine

Teabag packing machine is a kind of automatic precision equipment which can seal green tea, black tea, tea, coffee, healthy tea, traditional Chinese medicine tea, and granule triangle package. It is suitable for packing in food, medicine, and other industries.

Specification of Tea Bag Packing Machine

    Tea Bag Packing Machine

    • Can be used for flat bags, triangular three-dimensional packaging and other forms of packaging bags.
    • Automatic feeding, metering, bag making, sealing, cutting, counting and finished product transportation.
    • The use of sophisticated control system to adjust the whole action, compact structure, man-machine interface design, easy to operate, easy to adjust, easy to maintain. The bag length is driven by servo motor, the bag length is stable, the positioning is accurate and the adjusting machine is convenient.
    • Selection of imported ultrasonic sealing, electronic weighing measurement means, sealing solid, accurate cutting.
    • Automatic tension adjusting device for packing material.
    • Automatic fault alarm and automatic shutdown function.

About Tea Bag Packing Machine

Tea Bag Packing Machine


inner bag with thread and tag automatically

Filling Range




Inner bag size

W: 60-80(mm) L: 40-80(mm)

Outer bag size:

W: 30-130(mm) L: 30-180(mm)

Total power

220V/50HZ /3.5KW