Product Details

Snacks Jumbo Packing Machine

Charlotte's Jumbo Packing Mahcinery is recently launched Model. The long Lasting Machinery is designed for Snacks Packing. The excellent design is capable of good packing with minimum wastage with fast packing.

Specification of Snacks Jumbo Packing Machine

    Machine is for Snacks, Nimko and Pops

    1 horse power motor

    4 heaters of 500 watts to Create Heat element

    Machine Height 7 ft Width 3.5 ft

About Snacks Jumbo Packing Machine

Technical Specifications

2.5 KV Electrical Consumption

Minimum Bag Filler /Folder Size 220 mm Maximum Bag Filler /Folder Size16.5 inches or 420mm

Packing Speed 30 to 60 bags per minute