Product Details

Snacks food Packing Machine 2

Purpose: Suitable of packing of foodstuff, chemical products, medicine, seasoning (for example: puff dying food stuff, chips, washing powder, sugar, nutlet, peanut, melon seeds, small piece of biscuits and so on.)

Specification of Snacks food Packing Machine 2
    Type & Name Back Seal Type China Automatic Packing Machine
    Packing speed (Bag/min) 30 ~ 60
    Bag size making (mm) L: 45-200
    W: 30 - 140
    Max Out side diameter of the rolling paper (mm) < @400
    Max width of the packing film (mm) 300
    The thickness of the packing film (mm) 0.30 - 0. 10
    Main Power (KW) 2.0
    Working Voltage (V) 220 V / 50 Hz
    Counting Rang (g) 10 - 200
    Outside dimension (mm) 980 x 780 x 1800
    Gross weight (kg) 300

About Snacks food Packing Machine 2

Perfomance: This series of packing machine can automatically complete a series of actions such as bag making, measuring, filling, counting, sealing, punching, cutting, synchronous inflating, code-printing, (number printed should be equipped) and finished-products conveying etc