Product Details

Fully Automatic Potato Chips Line

The Complete Production Line is designed to give Potato Chips Plant in the capacities of 200,300, & 500 Kg/hr. The machinery is an outclass model very few of its kind for frequent non stop Production qualifying all of the hygienic standards.

Specification of Fully Automatic Potato Chips Line

    Salient Features

    • Low edible oil holding capicity
    • Low energy consumption
    • Improved productivity of the potato chips plant with consistent excellent product quality
    • Very low labor requirement
    • Excellent online oil filtration
    • Optimal oil turnover ration

About Fully Automatic Potato Chips Line

Product Capacity: 200,300, & 500 Kg/hr

  • Potato chips (Plain, V-Cut)
  • Potato Sticks (Salli)

Dimensions: 125 X 25 Ft

Fuel: Diesel, Gas & Wood

Material of Construction: AISS-304 Grade Stainless Steel except standard components.

This production line is specifically manufactured for processing the potatoes in the potato chips, potato crisps and French fries. You can also prepare frozen French fries apart from making French fries and potato chips. The production capacities of our potato chips processing line are 100-150kg/h, 200-260kg/h and 350-400kg/h. It has many advantages such as, large output, high degree of automatic, large capacity, labor-saving and high return rate, etc.