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Charlotte Group has laid foundation of many Snacks Processing Industries. Our Machinery is designed to meet all Production and Hygienic Food Standards. We believe Food Processing Industry has a great Influx of Profits hence we welcome Investors to be onboard for this Industry

Khalid Khan

About Charlotte


Charlotte group of industries was established in 2008 when the CEO of the company, MR. Khalid khan realized the importance of having a Food processing industry in the region and today, it is one of the leading companies in the region having a good reputation and massive clientele. The company being a well-reputed supplier of the snack processing machines has been the representative of the Pakistani industry for the past 8 years.


Charlotte group of industries has been recognized as the brand name across the globe. It has been our foremost duty and mission to provide our clients with the best services and products we can. To acknowledge our efforts, we have been awarded various prizes for maintaining the standard while providing the services to our customers.


After establishing our name in the local market and receiving the support from the domestic industry, we set our wings to fly even higher and for that, we selected international markets. Our primary manufacturing base is in Pakistan while we also have a manufacturing facility in China which has been operating on the European standards. We also have our offices in USA, UK, and China to foresee and monitor our business prospects in those regions.


It has been our motive since day 1 to focus on the latest innovations and market trends to analyze the system and using the experience gained to serve our customers even better. We have achieved this all due to our policy of teamwork and support and that is why we are able to set the new market trends and standards. The entire credit goes to our team and staff whose tireless efforts have made us cover the journey from being a small company to a market leader. Due to their efforts, we have gained a reputation in the market for being a trustworthy supplier and we aim in the future to maintain these endeavors to earn our customers’ support. 


We have been manufacturing the modern and sophisticated machinery for our customers so that last longer than the usual machinery in the market and their work should be executed without any interruptions. Some of our top selling products include continuous frying machine, linear weigh packaging machinery, pellet frying processing line for screw shell and chips, namak para machinery, double extruder, 2D and 3D pellet pre conditioner extruder production line 250-300 kg/h, five-layer snacks pellet dryer and many more. We have designed an extensive range of products for our customer so that they should have a choice while selecting the best machinery for their work.

Why Charlotte?

Why Charlotte
Charlotte Group of Industries has laid down the foundation of Snacks Industry in Pakistan. Charlotte focuses to design Food Processing Machinery considering all of the Hygienic Food Standards. At Charlotte we provide Full time Services of Machinery Installation and we all support customers in Recipe making for Snacks.
Snacks Recipe
Food Processing Industry is a vast Industry as different Equipments are used to manufacture variety of Snacks & Food. Even if High Quality of Technology is used but recipe is weak it won't be useful, as Recipe plays a Vital Role. We Support our customers in making the right recipe which will be combination of right quantities of Oil, Spice, Corn Grits and many other ingredients. Taste in the recipe makes the business grow of Snacks as it is the taste which leads to customer Retention which leads to repetition of buying Cycle.
Engineering Services
Charlotte's Engineers are all time available for its customers to handle with any situation of Food Processing. We have trained and qualified Engineers who can face problems which may fall in any phase of production. At Charlotte we also welcome Businessmen and Investors who want to enter the Snacks Business, we welcome to have result-oriented meetings with new clients and we can provide complete consultancy as to which equipments would be suitable for which products. Our Engineers are well trained to give out quality solutions to customers as per their requirement.

Special Features

Origin of machinery

Charlotte has Local manufacturing of Food Processing Machinery apart from this, the company has also manufacturing based in at it facilities based in China. We believe in serving our customers up to the most generous way bringing all options available to the client. We have manufacturing based in India as well and represent many Food & Snacks Food Processing machinery manufacturers being in Pakistan.